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A Letter from OSI's President & COO

April 7, 2020

On behalf of the OSI global leadership team, our hearts go out to all who are so personally affected by the COVID-19 virus. The last couple of months have been filled with uncertainty, concern and anxiety for all of us. We understand that our team members have the safety and security of their families, loved ones and community as their first priority. This is an event that asks all of us to do our very best to care for one another. 

With this in mind, our sincerest gratitude goes to our factory workers, front line employees and business leaders in each of our 17 countries and territories who have taken on extra sanitation shifts, followed all necessary guidelines and precautions, adhered to travel restrictions and protocols or have worked from home when needed. We all have a role to play in keeping ourselves, our families and colleagues safe and healthy. It is inspiring to see everyone's professionalism and commitment to overcome the threat that COVID-19 represents.

The following is an update on what we, at OSI Group, are proactively doing to remain resilient during this global disruption.

Because food safety and the safety and well-being of our team members have always been of paramount importance at OSI, many of our customary and everyday practices already provide a layer of protection to help prevent the spread of threats such as COVID-19. In addition, we have instituted new, proactive measures beyond our usual protocols, some of which include increased sanitation on the operating floors, in communal areas and offices, as well as eliminating non-critical, in-person meetings and non-essential visitors to our facilities. As the situation continues to evolve and new measures are recommended, our best practices will also evolve. We will continue to do everything we can to look after our people, prevent the spread of the virus at our locations and ensure the continued production of the highest quality products for our customers.

As a global business, the spread of COVID-19 is affecting us differently across each region. Our teams in China, Taiwan and Japan faced it first. China, in particular, appears to have weathered the most severe part of its storm and is returning to normalcy. Australia, Europe, India, North America and the Philippines are at different stages of the fight against the virus. Governments have or are putting in place their own strict controls to mitigate its spread. Therefore, we are working with local authorities and health officials to ensure the decisions we make for each region and facility are grounded in facts and recommendations from experts in that geography.

OSI is navigating this crisis with the experience and resilience that we have obtained through decades of managing global supply chains and serving the world’s leading food brands.

We are asking all OSI team members for their continued patience as this situation continues to unfold. It is difficult to predict what will happen in the next couple of days, let alone the upcoming weeks. We are monitoring the facts and the effects this situation is having on regions around the world and plan to remain as educated, involved and consistent as possible. By striving for consistency, while adapting to local market changes, OSI remains flexible and open to address the needs of our people, our customers and our company.

In this time of ever-changing information and environment, we know that many of our team members will continue to have questions. To keep everyone informed, we will maintain regular regional communications that share the latest news and updates from our company relating to COVID-19 and the latest information and recommendations from the CDC and WHO. Please continue to follow the guidance from senior leadership in your region. 

Once again, OSI global leadership would like to thank, our team members, customers, partners, farmers, suppliers, small businesses and other members of the OSI family for showing compassion, dedication and sensitivity during this time. We appreciate all everyone is doing to look out for each other and keep the OSI family well.

Thank you.


David McDonald

President and Chief Operating Officer

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