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A New Year, New Challenges and the Same Drive to be the Industry’s Sustainability Leader

January 30, 2020

OSI has released the third issue of the OSI’s Quarterly Sustainability Newsletter and it features some of OSI’s most compelling stories yet. In this newsletter, there are stories about many of the things OSI is doing to address one of the most critical components of the sustainability journey: the environment.

With this latest newsletter focusing on the environment, it would be impossible not to think about the loss and danger Australia has been experiencing. OSI’s thoughts and prayers are with all of those who have been affected by the bushfires in Australia as well as those suffering under droughts and extreme temperatures. It is no secret that climate change is presenting new challenges for the industry as OSI and its partners work to feed a growing global population. This means the need for reducing environmental impact and being good stewards of the planet is more important than ever.

Additionally, there are stories in this issue of the OSI Sustainability Newsletter that talk about what it means to work safely and grow a career as part of the OSI family. These stories highlight how OSI is celebrating some of its facilities’ achievements from last year and the efforts the company makes to ensure workplace health and safety remains a top priority.

This issue also includes sustainability highlights from OSI’s Asia Pacific region. These highlights show how OSI makes it a priority to follow advanced international concepts, including best practices in energy efficiency, animal welfare, food safety and social responsibility. The development of activities such as these helps make OSI a best-in-class operation.

The hard work people continue to do at OSI will ensure the business thrives, its people are healthy and fulfilled and the industry and its partners are treating the environment and animals well. We are confident that the next year is going to be another incredible year, with new challenges and new achievements.

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