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Digitizing Our Supply Chain And Fostering A Community Throughout The World

June 10, 2019

From a business founded in the streets of Chicago in 1909 to a multinational organization with more than 60 facilities in 17 countries, our model and our mindset are built around a deep-seated connection to our customers. We have been able to maintain this mindset even during the tremendous growth we have seen over the last 100-plus years because we work hard to put into place processes and innovation to allow flexibility throughout the business, so we can continue to deliver high quality, customized products to our customers.

The greatest challenge for us is to capture and harness the information we have to more accurately provide solutions to challenges we may encounter across the products and commodities we source for our products. This is why we have partnered with Elementum to digitize our supply chain.

Elementum allows us to upload data from our sites in real time, centralize that information and provide it to team members around the world. The platform also allows us to create events and communications portals for real-time collaboration and foster a real-time online community throughout the OSI network, which is especially helpful for tracking any potential disruptions and risks to our sourcing.

"Sourcing, producing and distributing the freshest food depends on a robust supply chain operation which, in turn, depends on real-time information flow," said Mark Richardson, OSI Group’s senior vice president, Global Supply Chain. "With Elementum, we can securely share and collaborate on inventory and shipment data with our partners and customers to ensure consumers can always enjoy the highest-quality food."

Elementum is the SaaS company behind the multi-enterprise supply chain orchestration platform. This platform sheds light on the flow of goods around the world and facilitates cross-ecosystem collaboration to ensure that products are available at the right time, place, quantity and cost.

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