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Helping OSI Team Members Balance Work and Life Through Benefits and Flexibility

November 19, 2020

Kelly Folisi was a working mother of one when she started her career as a recruiter at OSI. In her three years at the company, she's had two more children while taking on a more expansive role and responsibilities.

"OSI is a very family-friendly company," she said.

The flexibility allows her to tend to her children's needs, like taking them to doctor's appointments, while growing in her career and as a person.

"It's rewarding because I'm able to provide my kids with different opportunities and they're able to see me grow as a person," Folisi said.

OSI's workforce is our top priority. We know that our success would not be possible without the talented people who power our operations around the world. It is their innovation, dedication and sound judgment that enables us to produce the highest quality products. For that reason we see it as our duty to treat them with respect and fairness and to advance their opportunities both inside and outside of work. This extends to their families too, through competitive benefits packages, educational support and the flexibility we offer team members to balance family and work life.


OSI has been focused on expanding benefits to our team members and their families through healthcare, insurance, paid vacation and other wellness options available to those who are eligible.

Many OSI locations supplement these benefits with other wellness activities, like healthy lunches, medical examinations, vaccination programs and exercise groups. Increasingly, we've been working to offer more programs and resources dedicated to the mental well-being of our team members and their families. In the U.S., OSI’s Employee Assistance Program provides subscribers and their families with confidential, professional counseling by phone for a range of issues including financial concerns, emotional and legal problems. All team members of Turosi, OSI’s joint venture company in Australia, have access to 24-hour phone or face-to-face counseling through a third-party partner staffed with counselors, psychologists and social workers. OSI Food Solutions plants in the U.K. have a “wellness corner” where staff — a number of them military veterans — can find information on a range of free resources for help dealing with anything from marital problems to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Many offices and facilities around the world also offer educational benefits, like tuition reimbursement and scholarships, to qualified team members and their children.


These sorts of benefits aim to make OSI a place where team members, like Folisi, feel supported and empowered to grow. The company's family-friendly culture, she said, is part of what drew her to her job.

On her first day, she recalled, people greeted her with: "Welcome to the family." She now continues to extend the same warm welcome to the dozens of people she brings aboard each year, many of them parents, like she is.

Three years on at OSI, Folisi says she continues to learn and grow at the company and enjoys checking in on the people she's helped recruit. "I say hello, see how they're doing," she said. "It's really rewarding to know that the very first person you've hired is still here."

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