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Letter From Our Chief Sustainability Officer on the Launch of OSI's Global Sustainability Report

December 2, 2020

I'm proud to share with you OSI's 2020-2021 Global Sustainability Report, "Growing Together." It is our third biennial report to detail the work we're doing to put our sustainability vision into action, and is our most robust iteration yet.

The level of detail you'll see in the report — from our new Sustainability Progress Report, to data and case studies throughout — reflects our steady development and the evolution of our approach to sustainability at OSI.

Since our last sustainability report came out in 2019, we have been focused on understanding our metrics and standing up management systems so we can hold ourselves accountable for progress. Some important questions we’ve asked during this process are: How can we enhance our systems to bring other stakeholders along with our vision? Where do we need investments to access the next stage of growth? We have also worked to better articulate our vision for industry leadership, focusing on using our unique position to help others in our supply chain determine how they can participate in addressing shared sustainability goals.

The report shares concrete steps we’ve taken to address these questions and to care for our people and communities, curb our environmental impacts, elevate and align our animal welfare standards and disseminate best practices throughout our supply chain. We share them not only as markers of our progress, but also as the foundation for new and far-reaching goals.

Some highlights I'm especially pleased to report include:

  • The launch of our OSI Sustainability 365 Farmer Recognition Program

  • A 90% increase in the use of renewable energy across the company since 2018

  • 70% progress toward our goal of reducing energy intensity by 20%

  • Completion of our goal to disclose key supply chain information to the CDP, a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing human impacts on climate change

  • On-track progress to meeting a number of energy reduction and animal welfare goals, including unification around best-in-class animal welfare indicators

The report also provides much deserved recognition to members of the OSI family — from beef farmers in Australia to OSI-linked agricultural experts in India — who are working every day toward our sustainability priorities. Those six priorities are workplace, community, animal welfare, antibiotic stewardship, conservation and climate change. "Growing Together" provides the rationale behind these priorities and addresses the evolving expectations and concerns of our stakeholders, which we carefully monitor.

We call the report "Growing Together" because it reflects our view that sustainability is a journey that we cannot take alone; it requires collaboration and partnerships. It also reflects our view that sustainability work never ends; there is always room for improvement.

To that end, we are honest and forthright about the challenges we face and the steps we are taking to address them. Throughout the report, you will learn about our intentions, policies, progress and activities, which we share in the spirit of trust-building and our commitment to “working out loud.”

We look forward to providing further updates in our next Global Sustainability Report, which will be released in 2022.


Nicole Johnson-Hoffman OSI Chief Sustainability Officer

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