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Many OSI Employees Dedicate Their Careers to the Company and Its Work

February 13, 2020

The anniversary awards are intended to reinforce OSI’s culture of generosity and community engagement that has inspired so many people to devote a large part of their careers to the company.
OSI Spain Celebrates Long-Tenured Employees

As recently as 2018, 66 percent of people polled in a survey by employment firm Robert Half said that they believe changing roles or jobs every two years is beneficial for their career. This trend is increasing within the millennial workforce. Many OSI Spain employees, however, do not subscribe to this belief. The office recently celebrated employees who have been with the company for five to 30 years.

In 2019, more than 30 workers celebrated their anniversaries at OSI Spain. The anniversary awards are intended to reinforce OSI’s culture of generosity and community engagement that has inspired so many people to devote a large part of their careers to the company. The awards also highlight these employees’ achievements beyond their longevity.

The employees who have been with the company for decades come from a variety of backgrounds and job titles. Several began their careers with OSI as machine workers in a facility and are now leaders at those very same locations. These employees are a significant reason why the company continues to grow its operations and is one of the sustainability leaders in the industry.

Many companies struggle with continuity and growth as a result of constant turnover. OSI has benefitted from hands-on, long-term experience. Employees have learned to operate difficult machinery, know the quality that OSI demands and understand the needs of customers and the industry as a whole. As a result, the employees who have been with OSI for years pass on their knowledge and the OSI culture to newer employees and members of OSI’s extended network.

While employees stick with OSI for different reasons, many of the longer-tenured employees share common feelings and aspirations. They say that they are fulfilled in their work at OSI. They believe in OSI, from the culture instilled at the top of the company down to the individual products they make.


Long-time employee Javier Moreno started working at OSI Spain in 1983, when another company was still running the facility. He began on the production and cleaning line, helping with the manufacturing of beef burgers, ham and other meats. Not long after he began at the company, Javier took on more responsibilities at the facility. He started helping out with maintenance and repairing machinery.

Javier was a member of the maintenance team when the facility hired its first full-time maintenance worker Javier Ruano. Mr. Ruano is also still with OSI Spain and is now the maintenance shift leader at the beef plant.

Over time, the company promoted Javier Moreno to production manager. In this role, Javier helped expand the production from one line to three, so the company could make products for more countries in different regions, including the Middle East and parts of Europe. Javier says he appreciates the training OSI gave him, which he credits with much of his success and growth.

“I am very grateful for all the knowledge and experience that I have acquired,” said Moreno. “I thank OSI for the training the company has given me, which has helped me grow as a worker and develop my career at OSI.”


When OSI recently celebrated the long-tenured workers, many of them wrote about their experiences at OSI in a signature book. While each worker has had a different experience at the company, they all said they are grateful for the opportunity, training and growth OSI has afforded them.

One OSI Spain employee, who has been with the company for 20 years, is showing no signs of slowing down. "I have only words of gratitude,” he wrote. “I am very comfortable with working with the people around me. Here's to 20 more years!"

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