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Meeting the Needs of our Community

February 25, 2022

Every year OSI Food Solutions Hungary supports local people and families in need with our delicious OSI products. This year, the incredible amount of 181 boxes were donated as part of OSI Hungary's Food Donation Project.

At OSI, our social responsibility includes both our products and our people. We operate 57 facilities in 18 countries and are trusted by our customers to sell their products into 77 countries worldwide, and we don’t take that trust lightly. Being involved in so many communities provides us the unique opportunity to give back and positively impact the lives of thousands of men, women and children, while aligning our social responsibility efforts with all of our core business values: act with integrity, put people first, steward our resources, seek partnering relationships, strive to continuously improve, explore innovative solutions and work together as a team.

We pride ourselves on being a company that works hard to instill a culture of giving as a central part of who we are. In fact, giving is one of the most important and fun things we do. From supporting organizations that provide education to underserved female students in China to families of premature and sick babies around Australia, the culture of giving at OSI extends across our entire network.

Turosi Giving Celebrates 10 Years of Giving

OSI’s Australia company Turosi established Turosi Giving in 2011 on the idea that giving back to the community was not only the moral, responsible thing to do, but it was also good for the business. Turosi Giving supports organizations that assist others in their time of need. One particular campaign in 2021 celebrated Turosi Giving turning 10 years old by giving to 10 different charities across Australia for 10 weeks. Turosi asked their staff to choose 10 charities close to their heart, and the organization got to work. The outpouring of gratitude from the chosen charities was immediately evident.

“Thank you so much for all of your wonderful support towards the RBWH Foundation and our NeoRESQ service. Your support will be of tremendous benefit to the service and will assist with running the vehicle this financial year. I would like to share with you that 100% of your donation will go towards the service and to help hundreds of premature babies.” Nadeyn Barbieri Director, Philanthropy and Development Royal Brisbane Women's Hospital Foundation

“Thank you so much for the wonderful news regarding Turosi’s generous donation. We feel honored to have been nominated and selected. The campaign’s collateral and message of ‘together we make a difference’ reflect Turosi’s values and the importance of community for the organization, and we are thrilled to be a part of it. Having received Kandida’s nomination is really humbling and heart-warming, and it is a wonderful recognition of Life’s Little Treasures Foundations’ work in supporting families of premature and sick babies around Australia.” Adriana Gomberg National Partnerships Manager Life’s little Treasures

“Thank you so much for choosing us, we truly appreciate it. The donation could buy an oxygen concentrator that would help so many animals or pay for milk for most of the year.” Kate Turner Murrindindi Ranges Wildlife Shelter Inc.

Turosi’s way of saying thank you is to keep on giving. 2022 will be no different.

China’s Otto & Son’s Contributes to Poverty Alleviation by Supporting Spring Bud Program

Photo was taken in June 2021

In May 2018, Otto & Sons signed a memorandum of cooperation with Beijing Bailie University to sponsor “Bailie OSI Spring Bud Class,” becoming the ambassador of the "Spring Bud" program. Through partnering with Bailie University, the company aims to provide high-quality education for underserved female students who performed well both academically and morally, so as to support the country’s poverty alleviation initiative.

After a three-year diligent study, 101 students of the OSI Spring Bud Class successfully graduated in 2021. As they move on to their next steps, they have received education and resources, so they can better contribute to the social development and progress of their communities.

On June 8, 2021, OSI Spring Bud graduation ceremony was held at Beijing Bailie University. Mr. Huang Mengfu, Vice Chairman of the 10th and 11th CPPCC National Committee and Honorary President of Beijing Bailie University, and Madam Isabel Crook, a well-known educator and advisor of Beijing Bailie University, attended the ceremony. More than 200 representatives from Otto & Sons, the Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, China Children's Fund and relevant units attended the ceremony.

Otto & Sons signed a new agreement with Bailie University in September 2021 and committed to a 6-year support of the Spring Bud program. This agreement manifests Otto & Sons strong commitment to the community and Chinese society.

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