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New Animated Video Tells OSI's Sustainability Story

January 7, 2021

OSI’s sustainability work touches virtually every part of our business and extends from our 54 facilities to an expansive network of farmers, industry partners and communities around the world. It’s an intentionally wide-ranging effort we were proud to detail in our recently released Global Sustainability Report. Now, a complementary video launched this month distills our extensive sustainability work into two minutes of animation.

The video brings our sustainability story to life. It relays our understanding of sustainability as a core function of our business and illustrates our approach to managing impacts, beginning within our facility walls.

It also shows how efforts as varying as food safety checks, animal welfare monitoring and our farmer recognition program are connected to our larger vision of leading the industry toward a more sustainable future.

We hope you enjoy the video and that, along with the report, it illuminates the interconnectedness of our globe-spanning work to reduce our environmental footprint, be good stewards of the communities we’re part of, and elevate our supply chain standards.

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