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OSI Celebrates Food Safety Always During Global Food Safety Week

November 10, 2021

We understand that every member of the OSI family, from the factory floor to management, plays a critical role in producing the safest and highest-quality products for our customers. We’ve made a focused, sustained effort to reinforce a culture of food safety to each and every person involved in OSI’s food production and distribution around the world.

Since 2018, “Food Safety Week” is celebrated annually at all management offices and manufacturing sites. Each Food Safety Week is marked by activities, events and strategic communication around a particular theme. In 2020, for example, each OSI region — North America, Asia Pacific and Europe — developed its own activities tied to a food safety theme.

While some in-person activities were swapped for virtual alternatives on account of the COVID-19 pandemic safety requirements, Food Safety Week was successfully held and modified to include timely topics, like the proper wearing and handling of face masks.

This year, OSI introduced a new food safety culture brand – Food Safety Always. This past quarter OSI facilities across the globe had an opportunity to live the three key practices of Food Safety Always: Look Out. Speak Up. Act Now. during this year’s Food Safety Week.

The safety and quality of our products — from the raw materials we purchase, to the final products we deliver to customers — are core to our identity and central to our operations, across the globe. It is the foundation of the trust we build with partners, including some of the largest food brands in the world, who rely on our diligence to uphold their good name.

Below are the highlights from OSI’s fourth annual Global Food Safety Week.

K&K Foods, an OSI joint venture in Taiwan, embrace the Food Safety Always practice of Speak Up when you see food safety concerns and expect excellence.

OSI’s Vista North team members raising awareness of Food Safety Always.

OSI Food Solutions in Hungary raises the flag for Food Safety Always.

A UK team member taking a Food Safety Always self-portrait.

OSI’s Vista South team members pledging their commitment to Food Safety Always.

All 81 employees at OBF Foods in Japan participated in Food Safety Week. The company held a scavenger hunt, a food safety and quality quiz tournament and pledged to Food Safety Always.

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