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OSI Europe Makes Big Steps Towards Achieving Their Environmental Sustainability Targets

November 12, 2020

OSI Europe is making big steps towards achieving ambitious environmental sustainability targets set out in 2018.

With the aim by 2025 to increase renewable electricity usage to 75%, OSI Europe are well on their way to achieving this goal by purchasing 72% green electricity in 2019. In addition, almost all of OSI’s Food Solution and Food Works sites are using 100% renewable energy.


OSI Europe is very aware of their responsibility to protect the environment, and with climate change being a core priority, the company is ensuring they are implementing changes to improve sustainability and energy efficiency across their sites.

As well as renewable energy targets, OSI Europe is also aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30%, and energy intensity by 20% also by 2025. The combined approach of purchasing renewable energy from green energy providers, and producing renewable energy on their own sites, means OSI Europe has already managed to considerably reduce energy intensity and greenhouse gas emissions.

For example, in the UK, OSI Food Solutions has been able to reduce the carbon emission equivalent from electricity by 20% since 2015.

OSI Europe has made real progress in being more energy efficient over the last few years, and a couple of sites in particular have made some significant changes to support this movement.


OSI Europe’s site in Poland has been using 100% green electricity since 2018 of which 1%, equating to 80MWh/year, is generated on-site through solar panels and wind turbines.

The plant also prioritizes using other environmentally friendly techniques inside and outside of the plant to help improve energy efficiency while also keeping emissions as low as possible. This includes, ammonia freezing tunnels, a tempering channel and a heat recovery system for the entire building.

The plant has installed triple glazed windows, specialist ventilations systems and a heat pump which uses waste heat from cold generating compressors to help reduce their environmental impact. As well as fitting a modern gas boiler and an efficient lighting system throughout the building to control and reduce energy consumption through improved insulation.


OSI Europe’s plant in Germany has also been looking at ways to reduce their purchased electricity consumption to become more environmentally sustainable.

The installation of a co-generator has resulted in thermal energy generated being used to generate hot water. This water is being used to clean the plant and is also being fed into on-site container washing machines to the clean the meat boxes.

As the electricity is generated and consumed by the plant, it will reduce the electricity consumption provided by grid operators. To date, this process has reduced the reliance on purchased electricity by 15% since 2015.


These achievements to date have supported OSI Europe’s decision to set even more ambitious sustainability targets. For example, in the UK, OSI Europe has set its sights on delivering a carbon neutral supply chain for its integrated beef system. This progress is just the beginning of an exciting journey for OSI Europe and one that the company is incredibly proud of.

OSI Europe will be reporting their progress of this journey so keep checking-in to hear the latest updates.

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