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OSI Sustainability 365 Beef Farmers in Australia Excel in Ethics, the Environment and Economics

December 23, 2019

The OSI Sustainability 365 Farmer Recognition Program began in 2019 to recognize farmers in our supply chain to create a stronger link between our food and where it comes from. It also helps our company and our partners maintain a connection back to the farm and the farmers.

Through this program, we are working to facilitate idea sharing, so farmers and partners throughout the supply chain can learn from each other and improve the overall sustainability of our industry.

This video highlights three beef farmers in Australia that we selected who exemplify excellence in OSI’s three core areas of sustainability: ethics, environmental stewardship and economics. This means these farmers treat their animals well, care about and manage the impact they are having on their environment and are able to make a decent living, which will ensure these kinds of sustainable farming practices continue into the future. While we are excited to celebrate the achievements these farmers and the Program have made to date, we know this is a journey that does not have a defined destination, but rather is a journey of improvement.

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